common questions

Q: how do i pronounce my name?

a: XU as in "shoe", R however you like, and XE rhyming with "meh".

Q: what are my pronouns?

a: he / him / his.

Q: why do i write "i" in lowercase?

a: i have a small ego.

Q: why do i barely use capital letters?

a: for the aesthetic.



i was born in Galicia, an autonomous region in Spain.


my family moved to a village in the Galician countryside, where I attended Spanish primary and secondary school.


thanks to an UWC scholarship, I moved to Costa Rica for 2 years to study International Baccalaureate at United World College Costa Rica.


thanks to several scholarships, I moved to the US to pursue Bachelor's degrees at Cornell University.


i graduated from Cornell with a B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences, a B.Sc. in Plant Science, a minor in LGBT studies, and double honors (Magna Cum Laude and Distinction in Research).


i worked a number of not-so-interesting jobs while making art and discovering the joy of coding on the side.


i joined the Integrify program so i could become a web developer!